11 de setembro de 2015

One grows up in a specific community – a family, a village, a city. I grew up in a village of 20 families. Within the 5km radius of this village, I knew all the places where I could find mushrooms or wild strawberries, things like that. But once you get further out, the fields become more and more general. I knew that in the villages 15km further, people spoke already in slightly different accent and they could find mushrooms there that we didn’t have in the woods of our village. I am a regionalist, because I am formed by the region in which I grew up. My language, and even my body, what I ate, was affected not only by my mother, my father and my neighbours, but also by the nature around me, the land, the weather, the water. All those things are regional. The idea of internationalism is good, but it cannot be applied abstractly.

Jonas Mekas, publicado no Facebook às 22:00 no dia 10 de setembro de 2015.