8 de junho de 2016

I will sing your name, o exalted one
I will sing your name with the ten-stringed lute
Because I have been made in a hideous and strange form

I said, if only the wind were to me like it is to a dove...
So I could fly and find relief
I would hurry towards shelter from the intense wind and violent storm
Because I have seen hardship and wickedness on the ground.

From the bitterness of my own soul I speak
From the bitterness of my own soul I speak
When I was silent, my soul was decaying from all shouting I was doing
all day long
Remember that my life is wind,

I have become like spilled water
and like those that have died long ago.
And upon my eyelashes are shadows of death
Upon my eyelashes are shadows of death

Leave me, leave me
For my days are a breath...
Leave me before I go to a place from which there is no return
To a dense, dark land

Oh God, don't commit the soul of your creation to a wild animal. Please don't abandon me.

Remember that my life is wind,
and you have condemned me to idleness.

Come listen to the song of someone who is singing in the pathless desert
The song of someone who sighs and extends their hands and says
«Woe is me! For my soul, due to my wounds, has become unconscious.»

God help me, because the day is gently fading
and the shadows of evening are lengthening
and our existence,
like a cage full of birds,
is full of the groans of captivity
like turtledoves, we beg for justice
but there is not any justice
we await the light,
and now (this moment)... Is a godsend.

«The Neptune Star»:
Sometimes at night we see a bright star.
This star is called the Neptune star.
This star is very bright.
The Neptune star is very close to us.
The Neptune star doesn't twinkle at us.  

Forough Farrokhzad, The House is Black.